Andy Tauer

Whenever I sniff an Andy Tauer, I am amazed at how gifted he is at transporting me to the place that inspired the scent, just through one whiff. Le Maroc pour elle takes me to Morocco (though I've never actually been there) just as I would imagine it to be: a rich floriental, the top notes are sweet rose and jasmine, quickly followed by a wallop of cedar. I'm in a Moorish courtyard, surrounded by flowers, but there's a wind intruding upon my oasis, bringing dusty desert air. I also get the faintest whiff of citrus and sandalwood as the scent dries down.
This is one of those scents that I really wish came in candle form. I can't really wear it on my skin, because it's not exactly "me"-too much rose, and too much spicy cedar. It has a more mature feel than I prefer to wear. However, I would love to make my apartment smell like Morocco-it's much cheaper than a plane ticket, after all!

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