Annick Goutal

I can't believe this is my first review of an Annick Goutal! I suppose it's fitting that it would be of the much-talked about Ninfeo Mio. Fig fragrances are nothing new, so Goutal had to really mix this one up to win the excitement of so many. Instead of the typical fig and sandalwood or fig and coconut combinations, Ninfeo Mio pairs fig with citrus and lavender. An intriguing sounding mix, I must say. I was expecting the most refreshing fragrance, a whiff of an Italian garden, a riot of green and lemons and herbs. I was NOT expecting dull sweetness and an unpleasant sharp note in the drydown. I can tolerate sweetish scents if they're sophisticated but I have come to expect a fresh green sappiness from fig notes. Ninfeo Mio smells like a vaguely fruity vanilla. I know I'm in the minority here, but I do NOT like it.
You can get Ninfeo Mio from luckyscent for $80.

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