OK, so this entry is more of a showcase sort of thing than a recipe, since no one really needs a recipe to make a BLT. But I picked up some farm fresh tomatoes from a roadside stand on Friday and couldn't resist showing them off a bit. I made a BLT sandwich for lunch today, and here are the highlights.
Note the rich, red tomato color-no orange tinged cardboard here!

This is the mayo I use, spread on a whole grain English muffin. I used to hate mayo before I tried this stuff. I get it at Whole Foods, and it is so much better than that disgusting Hellman's/Kraft/whatever goop, it shouldn't even be named the same thing. It's also much better for you than those other kinds, because this kind doesn't use partially hydrogenated oils.

I cook my bacon in my toaster oven when I'm not in a hurry. I line the bottom with aluminum foil and set it to 375 or so. It takes longer than in the pan, but the bacon doesn't curl up into odd shapes, and it cooks more evenly. Also, it loses more of its fat because its not sitting there stewing in it while cooking.

And then, I added some lettuce and voila! How purty.

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