Bond no 9

Alright, full disclosure here: I am predisposed not to like most Bond fragrances, though I do continue to doggedly sample them. Why is this? Well, they are hideously priced, for one thing. If they were all Andy Tauer-caliber scents, that would be marginally acceptable. But they're usually not. Most Bonds that I've tried are brash, not well-blended, with gimmicky combinations of notes. Their bottles ARE quite wonderful, however.
Today I'm sampling Saks Fifth Avenue For Her. The top notes are super sweet gardenia and jasmine-we're talking candied, to the point where I'm wondering where the honeysuckle is. This is OK-not ideal, in my book, but at least the flowers are strong enough to stand up to the sugar. It purports to have vanilla as well, but I don't smell vanilla-just sweetness. The drydown, however, is puzzling. There is a plasticky note coming through that smells more and more burnt the longer it sits on my skin. This must be the vetiver that is also supposed to be in here, though it doesn't really smell like any vetiver I've sampled before (thank goodness). While I can put up with sugary flowers, I cannot do burnt plastic. So Saks Fifth Avenue For Her goes right into the mounting Bonds-I-don't-like pile.
And to illustrate how extortionist Bond prices are, here is what you pay for a fragrance that smells like sugared flowers and burnt plastic:
A 7 ml bon bon of this costs $50
A 50 ml bottle costs $135
A 100 ml bottle costs $195
But don't the bottles look grand?

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