Christianne Celle Calypso Gardenia is a limited edition fragrance featuring notes of peach blossom, white gardenia, and jasmine. I adore all of those notes, but somehow in this they fall a bit flat. The peach blossom is more like peach nectar—very, very sweet and fruity. The gardenia and jasmine lack the lush, dewy quality that should be their hallmark. It is not an unpleasant fragrance, but it doesn't live up to expectations for me. If you want to sample it, I suggest Beautyhabit's sample program, which is quite a good deal when they have the scents you want in stock. A full bottle costs $55.

Calypso's Marine fragrance is not what I expected. The name conjures up something watery and cool, but in fact, this fragrance is intensely woody. There is a driftwood accord that is very strong throughout, and patchouli almost overwhelms all other notes in the opening. As the fragrance dries down, the woods settle and the driftwood mellows very nicely. I'm able to smell the "salty marine accord", and it is surprisingly good-no sour notes, and a genuine salty tang. The official notes are bergamot, rosemary, bamboo leaves, salty marine accord, sandalwood and soft musk. Hmm. I didn't really smell much of those, and note that there is no driftwood or patchouli listed. I think if the fragrance's whole life were like the drydown, I'd get a small decant of this. It is quite interesting and a non-traditional beach scent. However, I am simply unwilling to suffer through the 45 minutes of heavy patch.

Calypso Bellini is aptly named. The opening sparkles like a fruity cocktail drink. It is full of syrupy peaches and I smell aldehydes as well. As it dries down, you find a musky white floral heart. It's heavy on the freesia. I happen to dislike freesia in perfume, so that pretty much did it for me. It's unfortunate, because if the heart had been more balanced, I'd probably snatch this one up. $55 is a bargain, but only if you're a freesia fan.

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