If you haven't yet sampled any fragrances from Spanish house Carner, you should. I've tried a few (more reviews forthcoming) and they are all singularly well-done, well-blended, and unique enough to justify the price tag. Today I am reviewing Carner Tardes. The house describes the scent as a peaceful stroll through wheat fields and almond trees in the sun. Purported notes include geranium, rose, rosewood, almond, cedar, celery, plum, tonka, musk, and heliotrope.

Now, most of those go together but there are a few in there that might make you go "whaaaaat?" (ahem, celery?) and the placement of some is interesting. I rarely see heliotrope listed as a basenote, for instance. It works together in the most lovely way, though. This is a ladylike, powdery scent that skirts being floral or gourmand. The rose and almond are immediately apparent to me. As the fragrance dries down I can detect the slightest watery quality that must be the dreaded celery. It is NOT aquatic, however, and nor is it vegetal. And indeed, the heliotrope kicks in with a touch of tonka at the end of the dry down. I don't know about wheat fields and almond groves, but if you like heliotrope, almond, or even rosy scents, you should sample this one.

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