I know that all the perfumistas out there have been wondering how I can call myself a perfume blogger without having a Caron page. Well, the thing is, I'm about to commit perfume heresy: I've never really been much of a fan of Caron fragrances. In most Caron's I've tried, no matter how nicely they might start off, usually there is some sort of mustiness that emerges in the base chemicals that they use that really turns me off. However…now I've finally encountered a Caron that even I can love: Aimez Moi.
Aimez Moi is a sweet violet. That in itself doesn't make it particularly unusual. There are oodles of sweet violet scents on the market. Violets in nature don't really have much of a scent, so perfumers have tended to go one of two ways in recreating them in the lab: they opt for a green violet that apes the scent of crushed violet leaves or stems, or they make a sweet violet that makes you think of those old fashioned violet candies. The thing that makes Aimez Moi stand out is this: Caron has added star anise. This is an unlikely, but as it turns out, swoonworthy combination. The spice is very well done-it must have been difficult to tone it down to the point where it did not overwhelm the delicate violet note, but Caron accomplished that in full. It is a linear scent-I smell anise and violets when I put it on, and I'm still smelling them 8 hours later with little to no change. Usually, I find that boring, but in this case, I am so smitten by the combination that I would be disappointed if either of the notes went away in favor of another. I have sampled the EDT-I know there is a parfum out there, but I don't really care to sample it. I think the EDT is perfectly suited to these notes. It allows them to be delicate, almost transparent. Sharpen or intensify them, and they could easily become cloying or overwhelming. You can wear this scent to work, you can wear it out-it is unlikely to offend anyone.
What makes it even better? It is widely available at discounters, in pretty but now discontinued old Caron bottle. I bought a 3.4 fl oz bottle for about $30. It rarely gets much better than that! I suggest shopping around at discounters like,, or, to compare prices and special offers.

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