I must hand it to Cartier. They make the most beautiful bottles. Also, when they decided to make Delices, they were remarkably ambitious. A prominent cherry note? Danger! Cough syrup territory! Another fruity floral? Danger! Boring repetition and mindless sweetness! But Cartier avoided both those fragrant traps with Delices. The cherry comes through clearly in the top notes and it is enlivened by citrus. It's sweet-tart, juicy and everything a cherry should be. And then it's completely overshadowed after about 5 minutes by the powdery combination of violet, iris, and patchouli. Personally, I blame the patch for this outcome. I think if Cartier had paired these notes with cedar instead, the cherry would have gone on sparkling.
Delices is available in EDT, EDP, and parfum. I sampled the EDP. For those on the hunt for a non-traditional fruity floral, this one is definitely worth sampling, particularly if you enjoy the powdery brand of patchouli. I do not, so I'm tearfully waving goodbye to the idea of owning one of the adorable bottles below. Delices is widely available at department stores, Sephora, and even discount sites.

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