Comme des Garcons

Up for review is Comme des Garcons Peppermint. This one is from CdG's Sherbet line. I can't think of a more refreshing scent for summer. First off, this is no candy cane fragrance. It is a true, green peppermint evocative of crushed mint leaves and cut grass. In fact, if you have a garden and the mint has maybe spread outside its boundaries (as mint is wont to do, incapable as it is of staying "within the lines"), and you've run the lawnmower over it (you mint murderer), Cdg Peppermint is what you would smell. Official notes are: curly mint, peppermint, bay rose, white pepper, cardamom, amber, white musk.
What makes it even better? You can buy it in very reasonably sized 30 ml bottles for only $40! How can you beat that?

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