In general, I have found myself to be not such a big fan of Creed scents. They are quite pricey, and overall not that original in this blogger's humble opinion. Yet, there are a few I've appreciate over the years: Virgin Island Water is a lovely summer brew, Tubereuse Indiana is a masterpiece, and Love in White is quite pretty. So when I heard about Love in Black, Creed's newest release, featuring violets and cedar-the one note combination guaranteed to stop my heart-I simply had to try it. The official notes are: wildflowers, cedar, violets, iris, clove, tonkin musk, blackcurrant and Bulgarian rose.

The top notes of Love in Black are soft and violet. Thereafter, a plumminess develops that doesn't really point to any of the official notes. Black currant is usually sharper than what I'm sniffing here. As it dries down, I get a tinge of what seems like guaiac. It actually reminds me very much of Sonoma Scent Studio's Wood Violet but with more musk.

It surprises me that Creed claims Jackie O as the inspiration for this scent. She is a classic style icon, and this is not a classic fragrance. That said, I can kind of see her wearing this in her later years as Mrs. Onassis-Jackie O reinvented, perhaps.

As far as I know, Love in Black is only available at Neiman Marcus. The small 1 oz bottle costs $130. But if you like this one, do yourself a favor and sample SSS Wood Violet before committing to the bottle-you might save yourself around $100.

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