I ordered a sample of Diptyque's Jardin Clos because I smelled a fresh hyacinth the other day and was intoxicated anew by hyacinths' sweet, spring scent. I thought, how wonderful would it be if I could find a hyacinth perfume? Hyacinth is not a mainstream fragrance note, and I have no idea why. With the current craze for sweet, fruity scents, you would think it would fit right in. Perhaps it is a difficult one to capture in the lab. So, I searched high and low and considered many possibilities to sample, but I decided on Diptyque's version because a) I have a lot of respect for their fragrances, and b) Jardin clos is one of the few fragrances I found that seems to treat hyacinth as its focal point. Its official notes are musk, white lilac, hyacinth, and cedar. All very wonderful things. How could this not work?
Upon the first application, Jardin clos bears an astonishing and unfortunate resemblance to Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers. When I was a very young teenager, I owned Sunflowers. Not because I thought it smelled particularly good, but because I was obsessed with those flowers. Yes, I owned it because of the name-a very bad reason to own a perfume, needless to say. Regardless, what I am trying to get across is, I am in a very good position to tell you how awful Sunflowers smells because I subjected my teen nostrils to it many a day in the insane quest gratify my urge to bask in the flower for which it was named. It's brash, it's cloying, it smells like chemicals, and I'm surprised it didn't completely burn out my brain stem. And further, I can see no reason why Jardin clos would resemble Sunflowers. They don't have common notes, for pete's sake! Fortunately for Diptyque (and for me), this scent settles down nicely after about 5 minutes. The Sunflowers accord goes away-perhaps it was the lilac top note that went wrong. The hyacinth is purported to be the "heart" note, and it is lovely. Soft, sweet, and springy. So in the end, Diptyque delivered. But am I willing to subject myself to that ghastly minutes every day in order to get there?
No way-there are too many wonderful fragrances out there for me to be willing to suffer even the slightest bit for this one.
You can buy Diptyque at www.beautyhabit.com, or at www.bigelowchemists.com. A 100 ml bottle of Jardin clos retails for $88.

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