Donna Karan

Chaos. The long discontinued fragrance that inspired a fanatical following culminating in outrageous prices for rare bottles on ebay. Recently Donna Karan reissued Chaos, and of course-people are claiming it's not the same, not as good. Well, I've never tested the original, so I can't compare them. Frankly, given the cost of buying one of those old bottles, I don't want to know what I'm missing. I've finally gotten around to testing the re-issue, though, and it is one of the most beautiful incense fragrances that I've ever sampled, so I don't think people have much cause for complaint.

Chaos is smooth and herbal. The incense is not harsh, as I sometimes find it, and it mingles with a peppery lavender and a sage note. It wears close to the skin and it has lasted over 4 hours on me so far. I find it very soothing-a lot like Costes, but without the rose. I prefer it to Costes, in fact. I'm not buying a whole bottle as I don't wear incense very often-it costs $95 and I believe it is still available from Bergdorf Goodman and the Donna Karan site-but I think it's definitely decant-worthy.

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