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Azuree Soleil vs. Bronze Goddess

Right then. Some say Azuree Soleil and Bronze Goddess smell the same. Others (probably including Tom Ford, creator of Azuree Soleil, Estee Lauder's beachy summer scent from last year) disagree. Let's settle this once and for all. I have Azuree Soleil on my left wrist and Bronze Goddess on my right. Full disclosure: I *adore* Azuree Soleil and have it stockpiled since it was discontinued, but I AM hopeful for Bronze Goddess. Although the name I find insufferably cheesy, it is immensely frustrating when one's beloved fragrance is discontinued and there are no viable replacements.
So, first sniff: Azuree Soleil has a bright gardenia opening, edged with a bit of bergamot and coconut. Bronze Goddess is all coconut to my nose on the top notes. I do like coconut, but hopefully this does not turn out to be a solifruit (I think I did just make that word up).
Fifteen minutes into the drydown, Azuree Soleil has gone more coconutty, but I also smell some sandalwood emerging. The gardenia is hanging around a bit, but it's gone a tad sweeter. The Bronze Goddess is…still coconut :-(. I find it difficult to fathom how people can say these smell the same. I'm tremendously disappointed here, because I vastly prefer the Azuree Soleil.
Here are the official notes for each.
Azuree Soleil: gardenia, orange blossom, jasmine, magnolia, bergamot, mandarin, amber, sandalwood, vetiver, caramel, and coconut cream.
Bronze Goddess: coconut milk, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, myrrh, amber, mandarin, bergamot, lemon, orange, tiare flower, jasmine, magnolia, orange blossom and lavender.

You can sometimes still find Azuree Soleil on ebay in both dry oil and EauFraiche form. I prefer the EauFraiche. Bronze Goddess is available in limited edition from Estee Lauder.

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