I've been getting some email inquiries, so thought I'd start an FAQ section. If you're curious about something I wrote/did on this blog and this doesn't answer you, feel free to contact me at moc.liamg|gtakaras#moc.liamg|gtakaras

What is a decant?
In perfume-speak, a decant is a portion of perfume not sold by the manufacturer. That is, someone buys a regular ol' bottle of perfume. She also buys a bunch of little empty bottles (usually atomizers that hold between 5-10 ml of liquid). Then, she pours or sprays perfume into the little bottles. If she sells them for a profit (as The Perfumed Court does), it's usually referred to as a decant. If she sells them only to cover her own costs, it's usually referred to as a split. But a split can also be referred to as a decant. Hope that clears that up-ha!

How do you afford all these expensive fragrances?
I don't. That is, I rarely buy a bottle of perfume these days. Samples can be obtained for free at the mall, or for a couple of dollars apiece online. Most of what I sample I don't like enough to buy. If I do like something, my rule is that I have to buy a decant first (usually 5 ml or so). If I use up my decant in a reasonable amount of time and still want more, then I am allowed to buy a bottle. But I've probably sampled at least 100 fragrances by now, and I only own 8 bottles.

Do you make money from this site/get paid by perfume makers?
No, I wish. I do have the Google ads which pay me a pittance when someone clicks on them, but I've made about $5 since I started this blog, so, um…it's not exactly a gold mine.

What kinds of pots/bakeware do you have?
Most of my pots are Calphalon and Le Creuset. Bakeware varies. Some of it is Nordic Ware and Goldtouch from Williams Sonoma, others are cheapies that I picked up at the grocery store when I needed them. I really like the Nordic Ware line for Williams Sonoma, though, so will probably acquire more with time.

Why blog about perfume and cooking?
They are my two favorite hobbies, and they do kinda go together. Most people who are into perfume also like wine and cooking adventurously. They're the same senses involved, more or less. Taste and smell often go hand in hand.

Can I come over and sample your perfume while you cook for me?

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