Farmacia SS Annunziata dal 1561

Guess the notes: it's every perfumista's favorite game. And while it's quite fun to be right, sometimes being wrong is much more interesting. I'm late to the party in testing the Farmacia SS Annunziata dal 1561 line (say that 3 times fast). has gone on a veritable spree of Italian fragrance hunting and I can't keep up with all the wonderful new options. Ybris must have intrigued me, because I ordered a sample, but when it came could not remember what had drawn me to this fragrance. I decided to test "blind" and try and guess the notes. Here are my impressions: the top notes are incredibly juicy, sweet and peachy. Very vibrant, and very summery. The sweetness is nicely balanced with a tartness. As is always the problem with this kind of fresh, fruity top note, it can't last and it generally fades into something far less pleasant. This fragrance is no exception. As the scent dries down, it becomes more powdery with a dusky floral undertone that I'm going to guess is rose. Further into the drydown, I detect a strange hint of lime-it smells like dried peel, not fresh fruit. A sour, powdery mess with some oakmoss at the end.

Ok-so we've established that I don't really care for Ybris except for the very tippy top notes. How do my notes compare to the manufacturer's intent?
According to Luckyscent, the notes for Ybris are: amaretto, lime, grape seed, tea, oakmoss, benzoin, iris.

Alright. I can certainly see why I ordered it. What an intriguing and original sounding combination! And it is iris, my perennial favorite. But jeez! Amaretto? This fragrance was not at all boozy and I detected nary a hint of almond. Admittedly, amaretto can also be made with apricot, which is closer to the peach that I smelled in this, so perhaps it's not too farfetched. Still. Most of these notes were absent for me. And that makes me sad.
You can buy a sample of Ybris at Luckyscent. A bottle will run you $120 for 100 ml.

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