I've now sampled two fragrances from Heeley's Extrait line. When you think of an extrait, don't you think of a deep, intense scent - one of those where the strength is such that a dab'll do ya? That's what I expect from an extrait. So how to explain the fact that with both of the Heeley extraits - sold for over $200 per bottle, by the way - I can barely smell the top notes and the drydown all but disappears?
I should clarify that I am not one for super sillage. I appreciate subtle scents. So for me to have this reaction is pretty unusual. I was so excited to sample Heeley's Bubblegum Chic. Billed as an effusive jasmine-tuberose, I loved the name, I loved the florals, I wanted to love the final product. What I get is a very faint, sweet jasmine-tubey combo. What I can smell of it is fine, neither offensive nor amazing. But I can hardly smell it. L'Amandiere is EVEN WORSE! It's supposed to smell of spring, almond trees, bluebells, hyacinth, jasmine, rose, grasses, and linden. How enticing is that? I would dearly love to smell that! But it smells of nothing. Verrrrrry faintly there is a clean musk. With perhaps a tinge of almond. That's it. And it's gone in five minutes.
Save your money on these, folks.

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