Hilde Soliani

Hilde Soliani is known for light, pretty florals, and that is exactly what Ortensia is. I smell lush jasmine and dew on the top notes, and it dries down to a soapy, slightly musky orange blossom. I detect a smidge of lily of the valley, but none of the woods said to be in the base. The official notes are: green accord, hortensia, ylang ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, lily of the valley, rose, white musk, cedar, cashmere woods.
If you like orange blossom, this one is a good bet for work. It is very light, and has practically no sillage, so you won't offend anyone or give someone an allergy attack. Personally, there is something about orange blossom that I find rather sharp. It grates on my nerves, despite its lightness. So I'll be passing this one by. If you'd rather not, you can purchase it at New London Pharmacy for $75.
Oh yes, and one more thing: Hortensia = hydrangea. :-)

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