Le Prince Jardinier

Finding a fragrance that smells 3 times more expensive than it costs, especially in a recession, is a very happy day. Recently I tested Le Prince Jardinier Labyrinthe Libertin. Have you ever smelled boxwood in real life? This eau de toilette is built around boxwood, a subtle, spicy green. It's very refreshing, and the perfumer (Pierre Bourdon, if you were curious) layers bergamot, vetiver, iris, cedar and musk around the boxwood to bring out the green, vibrant, woodsy, earthy nature of a boxwood hedge. I don't get much thyme, mint, violet, jasmine, basil, artemisia, or orange flower (also purported notes), but that's OK. I am more than content with the scent as it is. It's fairly linear, and lasts over 2 hours on me. Want to know something even better? Retail price on a 50 ml bottle is only $40 at luckyscent. You're darn right, I bought it…except I found mine on ebay for $23 with free shipping. Shop around!

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