Les Bains Du Marais

Every perfumista should have a go-to, barely-perfume scent that is appropriate for all occasions. It should be subtle, and stay close to the skin. It should be the perfume to wear in front of people who are allergic to perfumes. For me, this is Les Bains du Marais Musc Blanc. Musc Blanc is a clean musk, and it contains no alcohol. It smells soapy, and it is quite refreshing. Spritzing it on makes me feel-and smell-as though I just got out of the shower. It has very little sillage, but when spritzed at the back of the neck, just at the hairline, it lasts quite a while. Even better, it's not expensive. You can buy it at www.beautyencounter.com for $68, and sometimes you can find it discounted from retail.

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