Miller Harris

I've always adored the way Miller Harris fragrances look-the bottles are simple and square, but with a lovely whimsical floral accent. I've had less success with the way the fragrances actually smell, but admittedly I have not tried very many. I was hoping to like Figue Amere. Before I tried this one, I had yet to encounter a fig fragrance I actually disliked. Fig fragrances are ubiquitous these days, especially in niche lines, but they generally have a fresh green fruitiness that I'm hard pressed to hate. It's just that most of them smell so very similar, it's hard to get excited. Figue Amere purports to stand out from the crowd by emulating the bitter smell of green figs combined with salty ocean air. It sounds intriguing. I've never smelled this combination in real life, but I am reasonably sure it does not produce a cheap aftershave effect. And unfortunately, I don't get anything from Figue Amere but cheap aftershave. It's really rather horrible, I am very sad to say. But if you don't believe me, you check check out to procure your own.

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