Nez A Nez

It takes a lot for me to get excited just about a list of notes these days - I feel a bit jaded right now. But Nez a Nez managed it with their newish release, Marron Chic. Such notes include: Kumquat, orange blossom, Iris, karo karoundé, violet, cocoa flower, Benzoin, labdanum, vetiver, cocoa beans. I've no idea what karo karounde is. I just googled it and found it's a floral note used in perfumery. Helpful. What really gets me going is the combination of iris and cocoa in this, though. That combination is used to great, understated effect in Bulgari Blv Notte and more exuberant but equally brilliantly in Guerlain's Iris Ganache.

The opening to Marron Chic intrigues me greatly. Slightly dusty, slightly resinous, with a hint of sweetness. I like this. As the scent dries down, though, I get violet. And violet. And MORE violet. Not that I don't like violet - it's just that this one is candy sweet and girlish when the opening of this scent was mature and mysterious. It's jarring. And the drydown doesn't improve with time. Perhaps it is just my skin bringing it out, but for me, the violet is far too violent in this perfume.

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