When I first spritzed Odin 04 Petrana I ran to the Luckyscent homepage to discover the cost of a bottle. I was so taken by the soft green top notes that I wanted it immediately. It's one of the most remarkable green openings I've ever smelled. It's not bitter, not sharp, nor is it sweet. It's just…softly and beautifully green, violet leaf tinged with orris and perhaps a touch of coriander. But the $110 price tag made me pause, and I thought, Wait. Wait for the drydown - it opens beautifully, but this could still end badly.
And it did.
About 10 minutes in, the green notes began to smell fruity. Cassis. And the more it dried down, the fruitier it became. I am not universally averse to fruity, but fruity drydowns tinged with pink pepper are a dime a dozen in the mainstream fragrance world - if I wanted to smell like peppery cassis, I could pay much less for the privilege. Oh, Odin. You broke my heart, but saved my wallet.

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