It's amazing how evocative smells can be. Some fragrances make me think of landscapes, settings, or specific memories. Others bring to mind textures. Still others seem to evoke pure color. Odori Iris is one of the "color" fragrances. To me, this scent is a cool, grey blue. Very like the tint of the bottle, actually, but not quite as lavender. I am partial to iris scents, and this one is stunning. If you've ever sniffed Heeley's Iris de Nuit, it's rather similar but the Odori has a touch more warmth and powder, whereas the Heeley has a woodsy vibe. Odori Iris blasts you with cool, earthy iris rhizomes in the top notes. As it dries down, powdery heliotrope and smooth, not too sweet vanilla warm the scent over an ambery base. There is just a touch of anise and ylang-a masterful smidge of two notes that can easily overwhelm. This fragrance is beautifully balanced and blended, and it lasts longer than the Heeley. In fact, I spritzed it on a sweater that I wore for a few hours. Several days later I picked the sweater up again and it still wafted Iris everywhere. Stunning.
You can buy Odori at www.luckyscent.com. The bottle is kind of odd. But that's OK, because I don't have $210 to spend on perfume. I got a decant instead-take that, inflation!

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