No, this isn't an entire page dedicated to Bulgari's Omnia. This here page is for Omnia Profumo, yet another Italian line discovered by the evil geniuses at Luckyscent (they're not really evil…in fact, they're quite nice-I only say this because they tempt me so often to spend money I don't have). I really REALLY want to love one of the Omnias because I adore the bottles. So I'm entering this testing phase with a bit of bias…FYI.
So on to testing. I have Omnia Madera on my wrist, the opening salvo of which reminds me quite strongly of CJScents Wood Spice (which is available for considerably less money, by the way). It's sweet but tempered with a wonderful spicy depth-not the caramel that the scent is billed to portray, but better. As it dries down, I'm dismayed to find that it no longer resembles CJ's fragrance. An insipid, milky vanilla emerges. I suppose that's what caramel is, to a certain extent, but this rather reminds me of the cheap vanilla candles you can find at drugstores and supermarkets. That scent has always made me gag, and Omnia's version of it is no exception. It's only saving grace is that it wears very close to the skin-if I keep my wrist away from my face, I can't smell it at all. So, I refrained from washing it off, and far into the drydown I am placated again by the hint of coconut that is now present, obscuring the milky note that I found so objectionable and bringing out a richer vanilla, as well. I like the beginning and end of this scent, but they do not even begin to make up for the wretched middle phase.
The official notes are: Vanilla pod, caramel, Madagascar vanilla, peach blossom, wildflowers, tobacco flower, coconut, white musk
A 125 ml bottle costs $135 at Luckyscent.

Today I reached into my bag o'samples and pulled out Omnia Ambra. I should start this review by saying that as a rule I don't like scents that revolve around amber. I prefer it as an accent or very obscured base note. There is something about it that seems to scream potpourri to me-and I don't know why, it just does. So keep in mind that if you are an amber lover-of which I know there are many-your mileage may very with this scent. If I DID like amber, I think I might like this one quite a bit, however. This is on the sweet side to me, definitely accented with vanilla, and there is a heavy woodsy spice accompaniment that I believe is patchouli and incense. It all strikes me as very well-blended, both rich and mellow at once. These are not new combinations, however, and the notes in this fragrance that strike me as innovative-lavender and geranium, namely-are not really apparent to my nose. The official notes are: orange, bergamot, geranium, incense, lavender, patchouli, vanilla, labdanum, opoponax, amber.


Jasmine, hawthorn, lilac, geranium, rose, gardenia, orange, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon stick, white thyme, anise, cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, white musks, vanilla. Those are the notes in Omnia Granato, and looking at that exhaustive list, it's anyone guess what you'll actually smell. Goodness knows that there are some appealingly smelling things in there though, so I was looking forward to my sample. Dabbing on my wrist, a softly sweet honeyed floral mix is immediately apparent. There is a soapy undertone that I don't care for, however. It's a bit jarring-like wearing colors that clash. As the scent dries down, it becomes more herbal and mildly woodsy. I smell thyme and anise and sandalwood. There is an undercurrent to this scent that is very…potpourri. Some sort of generic, dusty fragrance that isn't very appealing. I'll not be pursuing this one.


I tested the 4th of the Omnia line, Onice, last and I can safely say that in my opinion, it's the best. This is the one fragrance from Omnia that I think I have to have. It reminds me of both Ava Luxe's Sweet Absinthe and Comme des Garcons Peppermint. This is definitely an anise fragrance, so haters stay away. But it's an herbal anise, not boozy or candy. The opening notes are very green-a leafy combination of fennel, lavender, and garden mint. It softens as it dries down, bringing out a hint of rose and jasmine. At no point do I smell pineapple (thankfully) even though it's listed in the notes. I also don't get much of a woody base, even though those are also listed in the notes. This is a mild fragrance, but it doesn't wear quite so close to the skin as others in the line.
I don't think I can justify a whole bottle-it's wicked expensive and also gigantic. I have enough trouble finishing 15 ml of fragrance, let alone 125.
But a decant? Oh yes. I have to have one.

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