Parfums Delrae

One thing about Parfums DelRae: even if you don't care for the notes they use in their fragrances, you can just tell they use outstanding ingredients. Nothing screams plastic or fake in these scents. Today I'm testing Amoureuse and I am astounded by its powdery softness. With official notes of tangerine, cardamom, french tuberose, french jasmine, tahitian ginger lily, cedar moss, sandalwood and honey, I was expecting a spicy floral with a burst of citrus at the opening. (FYI, that's usually a recipe for olfactory heaven in my book.) But the honey really takes over this scent, and indeed, I think this is the first fragrance featuring a honey note that I could actually wear. Ordinarily, honey turns into such a powdery mess on my skin that it drives me migraine-land (Miel de Bois, anyone?). My only complaint is that the florals and tangerine really disappear. The cardamom shows itself a tiny bit, and I do smell the cedar moss and sandalwood as well.
Amoureuse is available at a variety of retailers and etailers, but my favorites to shop at are and It costs an unfortunate $135 for 1.7 oz, however. I don't think I like it that much, but it is certainly decant-worthy.

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