Paul & Joe

I have a fascination with heliotrope. It is such a multi-faceted note: nutty, vanilla-y, even playdoh-y. And I sample Paul & Joe Blanc precisely because of the heliotrope note. At first sniff, I immediately thought "Bois Farine for only $55!!" because it did indeed smell exactly like the nutty flour of my favorite L'Artisan scent-heliotrope! But then I sniffed again. Bois Farine has a wonderfully dry wood and iris backdrop for the heliotrope. Paul and Joe features some insipidly sweet flowers. Honestly, it's hard to pick through them all because they seem rather generic, but there is definitely some freesia and rose going on. This is just a combination that will never work, at least for me. Very disconcerting, in fact. If you want to try it, it's a bit hard to find, but sells samples and the bottle.

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