Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Soivohle is artisan perfumer Liz Zorn's fragrance line, and it includes both natural perfumes and those that include synthetic ingredients. I know that some people are horrified by the idea of putting anything that isn't natural on their skin, and indeed some perfumes in the past have had pretty nasty chemicals in them. However, realistically, I think I am much more likely to die from some nasty disease brought on by smoking, not exercising, or overindulging in sun, food, or alcohol than from perfume. I am pretty sure that if I refrain from those behaviors, my odds of living a long, healthy life are good regardless of what perfume I wear. So that's my long-winded explanation for why I'm sampling one of Liz Zorn's Moderne Collection, which contains synthetic ingredients.

Filigree the Nightingale: Draped in Aubergine: well, first of all, that's the longest fragrance name I've ever encountered and very whimsical. I like it. I'm a lover of iris notes, and I've tried many an iris combination-iris and woods, iris and powder, iris and spice. I've not yet tried iris and berries, and I find it a rather enchanting combination. Berries on their own or with floral notes are usually too cloying for me, but Zorn pairs them with the dry rootiness of iris rhizomes here and they complement each other quite well. She describes this fragrance as both sweet and dry, which I find apt. During the drydown, a hint of jasmine emerges. It's a trifle too indolic for my tastes, but I can deal with it because it's mellowed a bit by some lovely moss. I think this is definitely a purchase-worthy fragrance for me, especially since Soivohle fragrances are available in decant sizes. A 12 ml bottle of Filigree the Nightingale: Draped in Aubergine runs $40.
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Jo Jo is a limited edition scent from Soivohle which I had to have as soon as I sampled it. Lush white flowers explode through the top notes, and mimosa, usually the death of me, actually works for me in this one! It is a sweet, soft note that never turns sour or icky. Underlying the fresh, floral beauty of the top notes is a light, moss base that is punctuated ever so subtly with lime. It's supposed to have some coffee in it too, and I can believe that would add some depth to it, but I can't smell that. I don't need to-it's beautiful just as it is. Jo Jo is a must-try for lovers of jasmine, tuberose or mimosa, but you'll need to act quickly. It is no longer available on the Soivohle website, but The Posh Peasant has some for sale for a very reasonable $20.

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