Strange Invisible Perfumes

I'm not a lover of most natural perfumes. I find most of them at best disappointing and overpriced and at worst downright revolting. There are always exceptions, though. Up til now, what I've sampled from the Strange Invisible Perfumes line has failed to wow me. Today, though I tested Prima Ballerina, and what a graceful lady she is. My liking for this fragrance is notable not only for its natural origins, but for the fact that it features rose as a prominent note. I love roses in their natural state, but for some reason most of the time when they are featured in a perfume, it turns me off. Again, with all fragrance, there are exceptions - like Hermes Rose Ikebana or Fifi Chachnil, both of which I adore. However, the rose in Prima Ballerina is graciously subdued, with a natural dewiness that makes me think of a freshly opened rose after a summer storm. What makes this fragrance really unusual, though, is the use of lime and sage. The lime, like the rose, is subdued. It does not take over with the fierce juicy tartness one usually associates with citrus. Rather, it brightens and helps lend a unisex vibe. Also contributing to that effect is the sage. Instead of asserting a harsh herbaceousness that evokes the dusty tumbleweeds of the American southwest, the sage here combines with the rose and lime and makes me smell freshly mown hay. Indeed, if I did not know better because I read the notes beforehand, I would think this the most divine hay scent I've ever sniffed. At $135 for a 50 ml bottle, I think its artistry is well worth the price.

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